Getting To Australia

Feb 14 - 17, 2005

We cashed in 8 years of airline miles so that we could fly to Australia in First Class. Because both April and Steve love airplanes, the flight there is going to be a significant part of the trip.

Having it be in First class for the way to Australia and on the way back, is going to make it extra special. The First class section on this plane is in the nose section.We'll be seated in the second row.

British Airways 747-400

Untitled photo

Tail number of our plane

Untitled photo

If you look at the picture above, the second window in the nose section is where we'll be at. Below are some pictures of what the first class section looks like on British Airways. Each seat folds out flat and turns into a bed, and there is a bunch of room to spread out.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

The first leg of our trip takes us from Seattle to London, a 10 hour flight. When we get to Heathrow, we will have a 9 hour layover. A perk of being in first class is that we will have the use of a Spa, where we can get a massage, take a shower or even get a facial!

Get more information about the Molton Brown Spa at Heathrow, here. We'll also have access to the First Class lounge in Terminal 4. To see all the perks we get to experience in BA first class, click here.

We'll add more information about the trip we have, with pictures below, as we get a chance.

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