About Me - Steve Seixeiro

I've been fascinated with photography since I was 10 years old when I first got to use my mom's new Nikon. I took it on a photography field trip and was so excited to use it. While trying to get the perfect angle for a shot, I stumbled and fell down a hillside. As I tumbled down the hill all I could think of was protecting the camera to ensure the
shot I had just taken wouldn't be exposed by the back accidently popping open. I was sore and bruised but the picture turned out great!

I've cultivated my passion for photography ever since, taking photos purely for my own enjoyment of capturing a moment in time. My pictures represent a memory for me behind the lens, something that I can look at that triggers a glimpse back to the time it was taken. I believe in the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. For me though, it goes further than that - each picture I take is a memory capsule that elicits an emotion for me and possibly others.

These pictures represent the things I've seen and done, the people I've met and areas I'm interested in. If you're reading this, then some picture I've taken has possibly piqued your interest enough to visit. That in itself is very gratifying.

All the photos in my portfolio represent the professional caliber work I've done - especially the curling photography. Should you be interested in using any of these photos, they are all available for purchase - from individual prints to personal and commercial downloads. Prices are available in each of the galleries - just select the 'buy' button.

If you like my work and are looking for a photographer for your event, please contact me at

photo courtesy of Linda Cornfield

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